Your pains hurt me! (2)
You so frequently listened to the first version, and you downloaded it so often; so I thought it's time for preparing a new and longer version.

I'm interpreting:
Original dataTitle: "Vedâ bûsesi"
Composer: Yusuf Nalkesen
Textwriter: Orhan Seyfî Orhon
Genre: Classical Turkish Music
Makâm: Muhâyyer Kürdî
Usûl: Semâî


On that day, while he was leaving you alone;
you needed someone's help; but you could find none!
I saw your hopelessness; my heart was full pains!
Instrumental to the song: Nihat Demirci
With wet eyes; I hoped to unlock your heart's chains!

And now I'm weeping here; because I love you!
Notes to the song
Page 1:

Page 2:
I'm ready; sacrifice, all what is to do!
For watching you smiling; give up my love, too!
It's you for whom I'd care; whole my long life through!


From my voice in third languages:

TR: Vedâ bûsesi
DE: Schmerz der Sehnsucht


Here is the original songtext:

Vedâ bûsesi

Yusuf Nalkesen

Hani; o, bırakıp-giderken seni;
o öksüz tavrını takmayacaktın!
Alnına koyarken vedâ bûseni;
yüzüme, o türlü bakmayacaktın!

Gelse de; en acı sözler, dilime;
uçacak sanırsın bir-kaç kelime!
Bir alev hâlinde, düştün elime!
Hani; ey gözyaşım, akmayacaktın!


First version

I published the first version here.

Of course you can listen to and watch the version also in this current page.

By the way; I hope you enjoy the new version indeed.

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"Your pains hurt me!"

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Your pains hurt me! (2)
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Vedâ bûsesi (2)
Composer: Yusuf Nalkesen
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