One world in peace
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Özgün bilgilerTitle: "Türkiye'm"
Composer: Müşerref Akay
Textwriter: Müşerref Akay
Genre: Classical Turkish Music (Marsh)
Makâm: Rast Marş
Usûl: Sofyân


Silly people fight for money, might and gun!
They forgot the troubles how the life begun!
Instrumental to the song: Nihat Demirci
We did not come to the world, for to flee and run!
In our lives, love and peace should be the first fun!

It is not difficult sharing love and peace;
Notes to the song:
(Page 1)
Noten zum Lied
we can hold the mankind surely in one piece;
prepare one future for my kid, nephew and niece;
overthink all your minds; that is what I please!

I wish one rising world; laughing and shining faces;
care for humanity; don't devide us in races!
My Queen of All Roses  (DE / TR)  shall enjoy life in graces;
we should enlighten love at all the global places.

Refrain    What I want, is just peace all around;
    nothing's better than love sound!

Your language sounds pretty, oh my honest friend:
your culture is very light to understand.
Let's build one big world nation; with love in the end;
teach them one life in peace; barely hand-in-hand.
Notes to the song:
(Page 2)
Noten zum Lied

I have hopes for future; and you not, my dear?
Animals have rights, too; is that not such clear!
I wish one world with lot love; not danger and fear!
I want just peace in the world! But none can yet hear!

We have to recycle terrible and killing guns;
wish not see anyone, who merely for his life runs!
We'd be only clouded just by shining stars and Suns;
couldn't we at last think about all the do's and dones?!

Refrain    What I want, is just peace all around;
    nothing's better than love sound!


From my voice in third languages:

TR: Ata'nın öğütü

Müşerref Akay
DE: Frieden in der Welt



"Peace in the country; peace in the world!"
    (Mustafa Kamal Atatürk)


Here is the original songtext:


Kahramân ırkıma, sızmış ihânet;
bütün yüreklerde; acı ve nefret!
Düşmânlarım, mert değil; hepsi de nâmert;
Türk'e, Türk'ten başka yoktur dost-nîmet!

Ata'nın verdiği ilkelerle coşalım;
O'nun gösterdiği hedeflere koşalım!
Türkiye'm, Türkiye'm; cennetim!
Benim eşsiz milletim!

Türklük'ün-gençliğin önderi Ata'm!
Senin eserindir, bu yüce vatan!
İzindeyiz; milletçe, aşk ile coşan!
Yaşa-varol, cumhûriyet, ey aziz vatan!


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