My special love
I'm interpreting:
Original dataTitle: "Elâ gözlerine, kurban olduğum!"
Composer: Sâdettin Kaynak
Textwriter: Âşık Ömer
Genre: Classical Turkish Music
Makâm: Hicâz
Usûl: Sofyân


I lost myself in your multi-colored eyes;
I'll never understand, what my duff heart tries!
Instrumental to the song: Nihat Demirci
Your beautiful eyes seem to be real love spies;
this must be, what my soul as love specifies!
I beg you straight now; stay always by me!
I plead to you from heart; be just my lady!

Your beautiful face is special and sameless;
I scream my love to skies; so proud and shameless!
All I feel for you, is — honestly — nameless!
My heart would never care if you are fameless!
You'd be on my side; the next thousend years!
Having you in my heart; I'll never have fears!


From my voice in third languages:

Composer Sâdettin Kaynak
Sâdettin Kaynak
TR: Noktadır benlerin
DE: Endlose Gala mit Dir


Here the original songtext:

Elâ gözlerine, kurban olduğum!

Elâ gözlerine, kurban olduğum!
Yüzüne bakmaya, doyamadım ben!
"İbret için gelmiş," derler, "cihâna!"
Noktadır benlerin; sayamadım ben.
Ayamadım ben; doyamadım ben.
Noktadır benlerin; sayamadım ben.

Aşkın ateşidir, sînemi yakan!
Lûtfuna erer mi, cevrini çeken?
Kollarını, boynuma dolamış iken,
seni öpmelere, kıyamadım ben!
Ayamadım ben; doyamadım ben.
Seni öpmelere, kıyamadım ben!

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