Pair in affair
Real love encreases within personal freedoms.


The instrumental of the song:

Instrumental: Nihat Demirci
I stumbled, when I saw her beautiful face;
just there, I was blinded of her glorious grace!
In that while, I wanted her just to embrace;
for to move, I woudn't dare give her any space!

I told her with sureness: "I'd surround you here!
Beauty! Don't blame me now, because I'm so fair;
but we can, honestly, never be a pair;
it is much more better; we start an affair."

She granted momently; lot of years went by.
Really; none of us could ever say good-bye.
She oft looks in my eyes, while she is so shy,
and whispers tenderly: "You're mine and I'm thy."

After further many awsome lucky years;
in her beautiful eyes, I've never seen tears.
In our hearts, we don't have any doubts and fears:
as a pair in affair; we are loving dears.


- thy: your, yours


Genre:  Classical Turkish Music
Original title:  Seni, aşksız bırakmam
Composer:  Zekâî Tunca
Original songtext:  Aşkın Tuna
Makâm:  Kürdî Fantezi
Usûl:  Düyek


Here the original lyrics:

Seni, aşksız bırakmam

Seninle, tattım ben her mutluluğu;
bırakıp-gidersen; bil ki, yaşamam!
Ömrümden-cânımdan, ne istersen, al;
gülü, susuz; seni, aşksız bırakmam.

'Üşüdüm!' diyorsan; güneş olurum;
yanarım sevginle; ateş olurum;
dolarım havaya; nefes olurum;
gülü, susuz; seni, aşksız bırakmam.

Gönlündeki derdi, siler-atarım;
ümit pınarıyla, coşar-akarım;
kış göstermem sana; ben, hep bahârım;
gülü, susuz; seni, aşksız bırakmam.

Date: 18.03.2018 | Clicks: {views} | Category: My Poems to Turkish Songs

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