Pretty thing!
This beautiful song is not alround known among Turks. Just while you're listening to my interpretation, you'll understand the cause.

I'm interpreting:
Original dataTitle:   "Şu güzele, bir bakın!"
Composer:   Şemseddin Ziyâ Bey
Textwriter:   Şemseddin Ziyâ Bey
Genre:   Classical Turkish Music
Makâm:   Mâhûr
Usûl:   Aksâk


One pretty thing's in our town;
she tries to make me her own!
Her pretty face is well-known!
Instrumental to the song: Nihat Demirci
Those curves make me to her clown!

When she is bored; disappears!
And I can see; how she gears!
Notes to the song:
Notes to the song
She comes again, oh my dears!
What awsome things she now wears!

She's beautiful and charming;
the way she walks, is warming!
Look there at that naughty thing;
I'd do all for her closing!

She loves clouding my whole head;
she could give me hope instead!
I feel I'd be on one blade;
I could name her goddess made!


From my voice in third languages:

Şemseddin Ziyâ Bey
TR: "Âhû gibi kaçıyor!"
DE: "Die Flirtfee"


I am sure; you understood very well, what I meant. Turks don't understand the worth of vocal arts!

Though I don't know even one single Turkish singer, which could be able to interprete this artwork problemless!

By the way:

The kind of women I describe here; are those, which I avoided my whole lifetime!

I preferred always inttelligent ladies, but never any duff bitches! I reflect in my song deepest ghetto!

PS:  My voice ist to hundred percent natural.


Here is the original songtext:

Şu güzele, bir bakın!

Şu güzele, bir bakın; bakışı, nûr saçıyor!
Dönüp-dönüp, bakıyor; âhû gibi kaçıyor!
Sıkıldıkça havadan, sînesini açıyor!
Dönüp-dönüp, bakıyor; âhû gibi kaçıyor!

Tavrı-tarzı, dilrûbâ; ânlı-şânlı bir peri!
Sürünüyor ardında, zülfü kadar müşteri!
Döküldükçe rûyîne, sırma saçın telleri;
dönüp-dönüp, bakıyor; âhû gibi kaçıyor!

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