A pretty girl in Bonn
I'm interpreting:

Original dataTitle: "İstanbul'un neresindensin?"
Composer: Ünal Narçın
Textwriter: Âşık Yener
Genre: Classical Turkish Music
Makâm: Nihâvend Fantezi
Usûl: Sofyân


I knew a pretty girl in our famous town;
her eyes were purely green and her hair was brown.
Instrumental to the song:

Instrumental: Nihat Demirci
I asked her smilingly: "Where are you girl from?"
She answered, she lives now in beautiful Bonn.

In a September day I saw her on Rhine;
in this moment I thought: "You should be just mine!"
Notes to the song:
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(Page 2)
The wind from the river overflew her hair.
And I whispered again: "We could be one pair!"

This my silly shy heart can't tell her real love;
my love is much bigger than the sky above!
Ever shyly I think: "Just this way go on;
stay always loveless and live in lifeful Bonn!"

After very long years; I feel so lonesome;
sitting on one Rhine banch and my heart awesome!
Watching the flowing Rhine which is everblue;
I can not stop myself thinking about you!


From my voice in third languages:

TR: "Alazlı'nın en güzeli"

Türkçe güfte
DE: "Die Schönste in Bonn"

Songtext in Deutsch


Here is the original songtext:

İstanbul’un neresindensin?

Duruşun, andırır âsil soylumu;
Hisar-Kuruçeşme, Sahilboylu mu?
Composer Ünal Narçın
Ünal Narçın
Arnavutköylü mü; Ortaköylü mü?
Kız! Sen, İstanbul’un neresindensin?

Bilmem; sözlü müsün; ya nişânlı mı.
Sevgilin, yaşlı mı; delikanlı mı?
Emirgân-Bebekli, Âşiyânlı mı?
Kız! Sen, İstanbul’un neresindensin?

Başında esen, kavakyeli mi?
Gözünden akan, aşkın seli mi?
Sarıyer-Tarabya, İstinyeli mi?
Kız! Sen, İstanbul’un neresindensin?

Soyun, buralı mı; başka yerden mi?
Huyun, âşığına küsenlerden mi?
Yeşilyurt-Florya, Bakırköy’den mi?
Kız! Sen, İstanbul’un neresindensin?

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